Small Business Services

People with a passion create businesses. Accounting, taxes, and bookkeeping usually are part of the passion. Assisting small businesses to succeed is the St. Louis accounting firm Prosper CPAs’ sweet spot. Our passion is to be a trusted partner by helping our clients with their accounting, software, and sometimes even staffing backup.
Our team can provide immediate input and assistance to succeed in the current business climate by providing professional expertise and hands-on collaboration with your staff.
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Office workers reading through paperwork

Financial Report Analysis and Assistance

The Prosper CPAs accountants offer the following financial accounting and reporting services:

  • Accounting Management and Financial Analysis
  • Accounting System Sourcing and Set-up
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable and Bill Pay
  • Bookkeeping
  • Disbursement Management
  • Financial Report Analysis and Preparation
  • General Ledger Review and Correction
  • Payroll Preparation and Tax Reporting
  • Revenue Management
  • Sales and Use Tax-Related Consulting

Accounting Software Assistance

QuickBooks is a powerful and valuable tool for small business owners. Having the correct software set up and the proper training and ongoing support is important. We offer the following software services:


  • Software Selection to Fit Your Needs
  • QuickBooks Desktop
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Class Reporting and Customized Reporting Support
  • Implementation
  • Training

Accounting Staff Assistance

All businesses need an accounting department that is set up for their operations to succeed. We can develop processes and train your team on accounting best practices. Some of the services we offer include:


  • Development and Implementation of Internal Controls, Policies, and Procedures
  • Training on Sales/Use Accounting and Procedures
  • Business Registration Assistance
  • Accounting Staff Training

Most importantly, Prosper CPAs will listen to your financial concerns and offer solutions to issues small and large. Contact us today to get started freeing up your time so you can devote it to your true passion, your business.